Welcome to Aberdast Falls! Not so recent News:

8/22/10: Comic #78 up.

8/18/10: Comic #77 up.

8/11/10: Comic #76 up.

7/13/10: Comic #75 up.

6/29/10: Comic #74 up. I need a rabite beanbag chair.

6/21/10: Comic #73 up. Back to no update schedule, apparently.

5/26/10: Comic #72 up. Yay! That was a lot less than two weeks since the last one.

5/24/10: Comic #71 up. These updates are getting further apart.

5/5/10: Comic #70 up.

5/4/10: Comic #69 up. In which comic #69 is possibly the least sexual page in the murlocgirl storyline so far. Except maybe the one about urinal pizzas.

4/19/10: Comic #68 up.

3/25/10: Comic #67 up.

3/16/10: Comic #66 up. And a new guest comic created by Kreldin under the contributions section. Who claims, not without some merit, that it is better than anything else on this site.

3/15/10: Comic #65 up.

3/2/10: Comic #64 up. May cause permanent mental scarring. You have been warned.

2/26/10: Comic #63 up. And Omicron has written another guest comic! Most excellent, I do say! Check the "Contributed" section to read it. Remember that anyone can submit guest comics.

2/20/10: Comic #62 up. And that ends the current storyline! Stay tuned for whatever hare-brained adventure I come up with next.

2/14/10: Comic #61 up.

1/30/10: Comic #60 up. New comics again? Madness!

12/20/09: Comic #59 up. No, the chef isn't an old character you forgot about. He's just a chef.

12/12/09: Comic #58 up. Getting back on schedule! Ha ha ha, let's see how long I can keep that up.

12/7/09: Comic #57 up. Jesus Christ, has it really been over a month since the last one? Sorry. But you should all DEFINITELY download my game Vindication if you haven't played it yet.

11/4/09: Comic #56 up.

10/14/09: Comic #55 up.

10/4/09: Comic #54 up. I have now been making this comic for an entire year. That is horrible! What is wrong with me?

9/17/09: Comic #53 up. I'm not sure that cave looks sinister enough, but such are the limits of MS Paint. ...Because that sounds better than blaming the limits of my artistic skills.

9/10/09: Comic #52 up.

8/29/09: Comic #51 up.

8/13/09: Comic #50 up.

8/5/09: Comic #49 up, and comic #48 edited. Specifically, I added an extra panel (panel 5) to comic #48 to make it slightly clearer who was being killed off. You will probably have to reload the page to see it.

7/31/09: Comic #48 up. A farewell tribute to our oldest wizard.

7/26/09: YAAAAAAAAAARGH! Comic #47 up! It is at least six times the length of a normal comic, so I feel the delay was semi-justified. Also I coded one and a half areas, created equipment for the militia, and moved out of my parents' house during the last month. So, yeah, excuses. ENJOY.

6/13/09: This newspost is not related to the comic! But it *is* related to my other creative works!

My RPG Maker game, Vindication, just got a massive overhaul and is now much more likely to be actually worth playing. (If you were in the middle of playing it already and would like to obtain a saved game at the point you were at that is compatible with the new version, send me an email.)

6/13/09: Comic #46 up. The title for this story arc was a toss-up between the name in the last panel of this comic and the name I actually went with (Oh My Guitar Hero).

I have now listened to the Black Mages version of this song approximately 80 times while drawing this comic. It's still awesome every time.

6/6/09: Comic #45 up. My fighting stick figures sure do look a lot less awkward than my dancing stick figures. Probably because I took martial arts lessons in high school, but don't have any idea what proper dancing even looks like.

5/30/09: Comic #44 up. Sorry for the giant delay. I was kind of busy with actual wizard-type work on the MUD, if you can believe that. (If you can't believe that, then I blame finals instead.) I hope people figure out that the dudes in the background are generic soldiers with earflap-helmets and the chicks are just generic chicks, instead of thinking that I introduced two new characters who like to dance with identical clones of themselves, and that the male clones have mullets and red skullcaps.

5/5/09: Comic #43 up. I imagine most of you probably know exactly what it says, without even reading it, but I posted it anyway because IT WAS WRITTEN IN THE SACRED SCROLLS.

5/2/09: Comic #42 up. This took me about 5 hours longer than any of these comics should ever take me.

4/25/09: Comic #41 up. It's short and kind of dumb, but I had to post *something*; it's been over two weeks.

4/10/09: Omicron has submitted another guest comic. That gives him seven times as many guest comics as the entire rest of UOSSMUD combined. You people are pitiful! Read his comic in the Contributed section and then draw me some more!

4/8/09: Comic #40 up. HWEM YEAH. Now we're getting somewhere. It's pretty hard to draw lighting effects in a stick figure comic, but it actually turned out pretty good. Oh, and the current storyline's name has been revealed.

4/6/09: Comic #39 up. No, it's not about the EQ Recode. I'm in the middle of a storyline here!

3/24/09: Comic #38 up.

3/23/09: Comic #37 up. Kind of only half of a comic, but there you go. I stopped when I got to something that resembled a punch line.

3/17/09: Comic #36 up.

3/7/09: Comic #35 up.

3/2/09: Comic #34 up. Introducing a new character! He is also on the characters page, as usual. Oh, and that song is Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, of course. As if anyone ever plays anything else on pipe organs.

2/19/09: New guest comic by Hamel. Guest comics are in the 'Contributed' section.

2/15/09: Comic #33 up.

2/10/09: Comic #32 up.

2/2/09: Comic #31 up. I have too much free time.

1/30/09: Comics #29 and #30 up. OMG IT CONTAINS QINFO, NOOK. And yes, I realize the Squaresoft references are getting kind of obscure.

1/23/09: Comic #28 up. Please write guest comics for me!

1/19/09: Comic #27 up. We are now beginning our third storyline, and so I have added a storyline-jumping feature to the comics. But I'm not revealing the name of the current storyline yet. Also, I promise that this storyline will not be about how perverted our players and wizards are. Really.

1/14/09: There are now links to the left of the news. Although I imagine you noticed them before you noticed this newspost. One of them is the original Scribblenotes! Also, news that is really old has been moved to a seperate page.

1/8/09: Comic #26 up. I promise that was the last one of those.

12/24/08: Comic #25 up. I almost did a funny one, but decided against it at the last minute.

12/22/08: Comic #24 up.

12/19/08: Comic #23 up.

12/14/08: Comics #21 and #22 up. The chancellor sure does look a lot like Franciska von Karma.

12/1/08: Comics #19 and #20 up. If each comic were a room, you guys would have a new area by now. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha.

11/17/08: Comic #18 up. IN FULL COLOR! Except the last panel, which is in the standard total lack of color.

11/12/08: Comic #17 up. The comic archive now uses PHP code, so I have one file instead of 17.

11/4/08: Comic #16 up. The characters page is quickly getting big. But it still not as big as the starting cast of Scribblenotes!

10/28/08: Comic #15 up. Start of a new story arc! I'll probably add a way to jump to the start of a story arc at some point. Once there are more than two.

10/25/08: Comic #14 up.

10/20/08: Comic #13 up.

10/13/08: Comic #12 up. There's now a characters section, in case you already forgot what someone looks like, or want to see their entire personality summed up in half a sentence.

10/12/08: Comics #10 and #11 up. Also some new guest comics by Omicron. More people should submit guest comics!

10/6/08: Comic #9 up. I spent way too much time drawing this.

10/5/08: Comics #7 and #8 up. I'm so sorry about the title of #8. If you want to submit guest comics, send them to ff3lockez@yahoo.com. Any image format is OK, but you should be aware that JPG creates noticable blurring with stick art. If you send a BMP then I'll just convert it to PNG before I put it up.

9/30/08: Comic #6 up. Washington, we have continuity. I also added a guest comics section, for the one guest comic I've received (which is a sequel to comic #4, by Omicron).

9/29/08: Comic #5 up. I tried making some comics that were in the same style as Scribblenotes, and I couldn't make them work. Scribblenotes was largely about nothing at all, with a very particular style of humor, and I apparently can't manage to use that style and be funny at the same time (not that I'm funny anyway, but my attempts at this were depressing). So, uh, I'm reversing my claim to be trying to make an homage to Scribblenotes, and instead I guess this will just be a completely different style comic, and maybe someone else can make a new Scribblenotes or something. Oh well. I tried.

9/26/08: The name of this comic was retroactively changed to Aberdast Falls: The Webcomic to avoid potential lawsuits by Futility's army of ninja lawyers. If you think that comics 1 and 2 are slightly different than they were yesterday, you are imagining things. Update your bookmarks, if you were crazy enough to bookmark this site.

9/25/08: Hell yes, we are rolling. The first four comics are up for you to "enjoy." Mostly they just introduce characters. Don't worry, it will quickly change from a sitcom about stupid MUD conversations to an antics-filled adventure. Not that that's really much better.

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