This is No. Which is to say that this is me, because I write this comic, and I am No. People seem to think I have a penchant for making ridiculous statements and then arguing about them for the next hour. Which is completely true. And no, I don't know why I gave myself blue hair. I think all the non-blue hairstyles were taken.


Tristal sucks. Or at least that's how the saying goes. No one is quite sure how that particular meme started. In any case, he apparently grew a giant pompadour some time between Scribblenotes and now.


-DECEASED-Despite his name, Dana is not a girl. At least, I sure hope not, because I would be terrified of a bald girl with a goatee who had a hard drive containing several terabytes of hentai. He used to be an administrator of UOSSMUD.


-DECEASED- Of all the UOSSMUD players and wizards, Johan has been playing the longest. By a lot. But instead of using this vast experience to help oversee projects and mentor fledgling wizards, he uses it to sit around and reminisce about how much he liked all those really bad PC games from the 1980s.


Any description I give of Shinji is sure to send him flying into a rage, so instead I'll just say that he used to be an admin of UOSSMUD, and his hair looks more like a clown wig than I really intended it to.


Kreldin is, essentially, a flaming troll. Since I can't draw stick figure trolls very well, his hair is despicted as being a living flame. He occasionally spouts random nonsense and is not known for his tact. He is by far my favorite character to draw.


Tanya knows more about how the MUD works than most wizards, which is kind of frightening. This level of knowledge also seems to extend to pretty much every video game in existance, which is really quite terrifying. In Scribblenotes, her eyes were @ symbols, but that's stupid and prevents me from drawing small heads, so in Aberdast Falls she has normal eyes.


Death Princess Sakana will destroy you with eye lasers if you breathe the wrong way. But if you get to know her, she's really a nice person. I gave her Selphie hair because it seemed ironic.


If I go into too much detail about Azeral, the FBI will arrest him. Suffice to say that his creepy mustache and slicked-back combover are fitting.


Quentin is the guy that gets shunned by furries. Not surprising, since he has the charisma, the sex appeal, and the personality of a crusty tube sock that's about to be used by a fourth person in a row. He was briefly featured in a single Scribblenotes comic, but in Aberdast Falls I made him look different than he did there, because a Quentin without cat ears and a tail is no Quentin at all.


Surprisingly, I didn't actually decide to make Lavyn look like Phoenix Wright just as a plot device for the second story arc. On the contrary, the truth is that the entire premise of the second story arc is a plot device to validate Lavyn's hair.


-IN PERMANENT REHAB- Presenting the most esteemed Sir Corinne, champion of the world badminton tournament and three-time runner up in Wimbledon, and the finest gentleman I know. Wait, no. That was all lies.


Vellius tries to act like a gangster, but he knows way too much about tabletop RPGs for it to be convincing. People sometimes ask why he is the only black person in the comic. The answer is that other black people actually appear in the comic quite often, as do various other minorities. I just draw all of them the same and never color in anyone's skin tone. Vellius, however, finds this unacceptable, and therefore covers his face with shoe polish to make it more obvious that he is an oppressed colored man.


Mecha, the current administrator of UOSSMUD. Lives in a floating death fortress. Shoots laser beams out of his eyes to kill innocent puppies. Enjoys the sound that dial-up modems make. Responsible for designing the Magitek quest.


I briefly considered making Canopus look like Canopus from Tactics Ogre. But drawing those wings every time would have been a pain. So instead he looks like Sayid from Lost. Which is fitting, because he is... A TORTURER. That is, he tortures my taste buds every time he talks, since he talks about nothing but food.


(c) 2008-2019 LockeZ. Characters used without permission.